Originally named “Helps Outreach Ministry”, Greene Resource Services Inc. (GRS) is an agency designed to bring needed services to hurting individuals in the context of today’s complex society.  The agency’s mission statement is “promote human development through positive change”, and our vision is to help the population being served live productive lives in accordance with sound moral standards.

As designed, Greene Resource Services Inc. (GRS) will entail delivering four distinct  services to at risk populations within community and the church.  These four services include 1) job readiness training for residential childcare staff as well as the community at large; 2) chaplaincy services that will be provided to children residing in agencies operating within the juvenile delinquent (i.e.- public) and child welfare (private) system of abused and maltreated children; 3) a counseling and referral program which will be afforded to churches; and 4) domestic violence and social interaction education, training, program development and program enhancement for existing agencies

Program Services Overview

Job Readiness and Training Program   Two particular groups have been identified to receive job readiness training so that their entry into the workforce is successful.  The two distinct groups include childcare staff working with children residing in public and private, voluntary agencies in the child welfare system and un-underemployed individuals who will be either returning to or entering the workforce for the first time (i.e.- the “working poor”).  The child care worker program is designed to provide support for both new employees and their employers through intensive, meaningful training opportunities in areas that are general as well as specific to the needs of the contracting agency, the children in placement and their families.  Improved professional expertise among child care staff has secondary value in addressing employee retention, and the primary function of the training is to improve overall program quality.   The job readiness training component affords basic job readiness skills to program participants entering the workforce for the first time as well as those re-entering the workforce. 

Chaplaincy Services  - Some 30 private, voluntary child care agencies are located within the Hudson Valley area which will be served by GRS.  Residing in these agencies are approximately 4,000 youth who were removed from their homes and placed in residential care by local family courts due to criminal involvement, abuse, maltreatment and/or neglect suffered at the hands of their parents or caregivers.  While “religious services” are offered within the voluntary agency settings spiritual counseling is not routinely afforded, and there is virtually no connection between matters relating to the child’s spiritual life and other aspects of the child such as their health, family relationships, psychological state, education, etc.  The fact that each child is multi-dimensional must be addressed in a coordinated way and systematically discussed in treatment  team conferences and planning meetings.   Toward this end, GRS chaplains will be assigned small caseloads of (10) children and will make themselves available to participate in case conferences.

Counseling and Referral Program  - The fact that an increasing number of personal and interpersonal problems are being manifest is an understatement.  Marriages are disintegrating at an alarming rate which all but mirrors that found outside the church, teen and unwed pregnancy is rising, mental health problems are being manifest, economic and financial problems are abounding, and the list goes on.  To address these growing problems GRS’s Counseling and Referral Program will afford crisis intervention/support, referral and ongoing support services to local churches within the Hudson Valley area as they minister to members of their congregations.  All too frequently pastors and pastoral staff are not equipped to address complex health, mental health, personal and financial issues being faced by their members - and although efforts to assist are put forth, lack of expertise in these areas result in poor outcomes.   As designed, GRS’s Counseling and Referral Program will provide local churches training  to support pastors and their congregations. 

Domestic Violence Prevention/Social Interaction Education Program - As defined, domestic violence is a pattern of intentional behaviors that are abusive or coercive in nature and are designed by one person to establish and maintain control over another person.  While men are the also victims of domestic abuse, the overwhelming majority of victims (i.e.- 95%) are women who are abused at the hands of men in their lives.  These victims include spouses and partners of all ages, ethnicities, races, religious orientations, educational and economic backgrounds.  Given this data virtually anyone can be either a victim or victimizer and this scourge in society must be addressed so that the physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse is brought to a halt. To address these issues, GRS staff will collaborate with various organizations to facilitate community-based education and training programs designed to end the cycle of violence. 

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