GRS has an experienced workforce that is intimately involved with case management, child welfare, familial relationships, delinquency, community outreach and staff development. Toward the end of addressing these areas of need, GRS is designed to confidentially deliver strength-based services through the following methodology:

Job Readiness and Training Program - To assist the identified targeted populations in attaining the goal of successfully entering (or returning to) the workforce, a detailed curriculum is afforded program participants that identifies and imparts job readiness skills & habits.  For those staff currently employed by or preparing to work with voluntary agencies, child and adolescent developmental information will be added to the curricula given the needs of their specific population.  All curricula include lecture, discussion groups, and role play which are tailored to the program participants’ needs so that the adult learners fully grasp the material being covered.  

Chaplaincy Services - Under the direction of GRS’s Chaplain Services Coordinator, trained chaplains will be deployed to public and private, voluntary agencies in the Hudson Valley to deliver chaplaincy services.  These services include individual counseling, group meetings/counseling, and participation in case conferences as is appropriate.  Weekly group meetings as well as individual counseling sessions will be convened under the direction of the Chaplain Services Coordinator who will oversee each chaplain’s work.  

Counseling and Referral Program - Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in the administration of the Counseling and Referral Program, and it is stressed in the orientation of local church staff.  Minimal paperwork will be required so that individuals’ identities are not divulged, and referral to professional services are made expeditiously once the need is identified.  The individual receiving referral services will be assigned to a specific deacon/elder for ongoing support with particular emphasis placed on post-referral support for the member receiving help.

Domestic Violence Prevention/Social Interaction Education Program - GRS’s Domestic Violence (DV) and Social Interaction (SI) Education Program will be dedicated to break the cycle of violence and other inappropriate social interactions through trained staff that provide training, referral, and assist community groups with the development of new DV programs.  Target groups will be existing DV agencies in the Hudson Valley area along with groups seeking licensure of new programs.  Collaboration regarding DV and other problematic social interactions will be initiated with local churches, hospitals, civic groups and schools.  Specific activities of GRS’s DV & SI staff include conducting informational/educational seminars, training agency staff, coordinating with GRS’s Counseling and Referral Program staff, and hands-on consultation with emerging agencies as they navigate the New York State Operating Certificate licensure application process.  Beyond this, the program will afford ongoing DV presentations to schools, churches, and hospitals monthly.